OMG they have Jehovah's Witnesses in Japan!!!

OK, I know it's prolly someone else's day to blog, but I had to ask if anyone's ever had this happen to them, and if so what they did.

(VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I would like to point out here that although I do not belong to any religion myself, I am not against any religion. I do, however, dislike people trying to force their religion on me, no matter what that religion is.)

I was nuking my rice for dinner about half an hour ago, minding my own business, when the doorbell went. Off I go to answer it, wondering whether it's the postie with a package from one of my friends, or one of my adult eikawa guys asking if I wanted to go out...and this guy starts talking in Japanese and hands me a leaflet. I can't read Japanese very well, but I could read enough to realise what they were here for. Which brought me to the dilemma of what do I do here? Back home you can just say "Nup, not interested, sod off!" but in Japan saying no is anathema. Especially when you are a) a gaijin, b) therefore stick out like a sore thumb, and c) have been brought over by the Japanese government to introduce grassroots internationalisation, which means being on your best behaviour at all times and not telling people to f--- off. I would also like to add that while the old "I no speaka Japanese" thing will work eventually, they will first wheel out their Engrish reinforcements who will talk at you in...well, Engrish. Which could have been fun to watch, but I wanted my dinner, so I used the old "don't call me, I'll call you" tactic. Memorise the following:

Kore wo yonde kara renraku shimasu = I'll get in touch once I've read this.

Gesture to the leaflet if necessary. You may need to say this a couple of times, but they will eventually produce contact details. They will quite probably also ask for your number too. You could probably just keep repeating the above sentence, but you can also say this:

Mukou no bunka de hajimete atta hito ni denwa bangou wo ageru no wa...*pull omgsosorry face*...chotto...
=In my culture, giving your number to someone to someone you've just met...well, it's not really done...

I guess it depends on the people, but in my case they felt bad about being culturally insensitive and backed right off! Go me!

I just thought it was funny that they have 'em in Japan too!!!! What else is going to pop up here?