Ok. This week my turn.
Sarah asked me and I, never have written a block, took the opportunity right away because it`s a short week too ; )…..
Sarah asked me to write about the German Oktoberfest. That is actually the last thing I want to do I thought! Even though I have to admit I have never been to the Munich Oktoberfest, I have to say: I hate it. Just seeing pictures of it on TV or in papers. And reading about it. It must be one of the worst things Germany has to offer. Imagine: bunches, I mean, ten thousands of drunken Bavarian men (ok and women) in lederhosen (or dirndls), 1000s of drunken men from others parts of Germany, 1000s of drunken men from all over the world. In between German waitresses in dirndls and in each hand 6 pitchers of 1 liter beer. Nothing against being drunk. Nothing against being really drunk and having fun. But the mixture of conservative Bavaria, lederhosen, dirndl and people with nothing in their heads but beer and sausage…………
I remember reading this article about people who work at the Oktoberfest for the Red Cross. The nurses and doctors were talking about people getting injuries being hit by flying pitchers, being bitten by drunken dudes, being involved in fights, dying almost of alcohol poisoning. About 1200 people had to get treatment by the Red Cross. And in between Bavarian politicians in lederhosen and their wives wearing dirndl….
Ok. Enough negative energy spread for today.
But sometimes, being a CIR, being supposed to spread German Culture in / around Tosu, Saga is not always that easy. Quite often being addressed with: Ahhh…. Germany: Oktoberfest (I obviously hate), German beer (sorry, I only drink cocktails, shouchuu and sake), sausage (upps, I am not a vegetarian but sausage is like the last favourite of my foods) makes it hard. I try to tell people what I think is notable: education that is almost for free, a capital that is so diverse, open, where people could be a part of history the last years, social welfare state, reunification, FKK (LOL). And I try to talk about problems like racism, gap between East and West Germany etc…... But sausage-, beer- and Neuschwanenstein loving Japanese are of course not that much interested in those problems.
So, has actually somebody been to the Munich Oktoberfest? Maybe my German fellow CIR Florian or my UK mates? Wonder what you have to say………