What a day. I am tired. Had to start work this morning an hour earlier because of a meeting (already at 8.30 a.m.! – I am always a bit grumpy when it`s too early sigh….) and finished 5 hours later than usually (about 9 p.m.).
But it has been a good day. I showed at the community center a German movie by Wim Wenders: Wings of Desire (Himmel ueber Berlin). I only can recommend this movie to everybody.
The movie takes place in Berlin, during the 80ies. Actually, since more than 1 year, I have not been homesick at all but by watching this movie I really got. I spend the last 5 years before moving to Japan in Berlin. Those 5 years have been maybe a time that had the most impact in my life and that brought a lot of changes.
There is a scene in the movie when Homer, an 80 years old writer, is searching for memories of his youth by walking along the Potsdamer Platz. I guess, most of you have heard about this place or some of you have been there. It is in the middle of Berlin. Before the 2nd world war, it was a very vibrant place, very well known. Totally destroyed during the war, the Berlin Wall was built on it, cutting right trough it, separating one half on the place in East Berlin, the other in West Berlin. It was a no man`s land. Today it is again a vibrant place, but now with lots of skyscrapers, hotels, the Sony Center (btw. the Sony Centers roof symbolizes Mount Fuji!) etc. I could see how the place, how the whole city was changing during the last years. Occupied houses vanished, popular underground clubs had suddenly gone….
But that`s life. Everything changes. Coming back to Berlin in 2 years, a lot will have changed. The city, friends that used to live their won`t anymore I guess.
Will I ever go back to Berlin? Will I continue my life there? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I really do love Berlin. But, as far as I know myself until now, I never go back in life. I am always moving onwards. What will happen in 2 years? I don’t know. And this fact makes me actually happy….
Anyway, before I go finally to sleep: if you get a chance one time, watch Wings of Desire. The movie is a declaration to life and to love, a piece of art for sure… oyasumi…..