actually i planned to write about an exhibition which is currently held in arita-cho.the title would be "things you may not made out of porcellain".i have made a some pics and will tell about that later.why...?

because i don't have time at the moment.precisely i don't have much time using a computer or the internet.the reason for that is, that i spent the last days out in the mountains chopping bamboo.well, that's no and two co-worker from my division went into the mountains and cut every bambo we've was the first time for me to use a chain i was very exited about this.the other thing i was exited or say which shocked me a little bit was the fact, that i was told to wear wellingtons (rubber boots) so that sankes can't bite your foot.among all animals i hate snakes the most.luckily i havn't seen a single one during our lumberjack-mission.i guess if one shows up i will scream so loud i may cause an landslip.

the reason behind chopping bamboo and other trees is that bamboo is growing so fast and high that it takes the sunlight from other other trees will die.another reason is that the town is planning to plant some trees next year there, which do beautiful "kouyou".(there are so many bamboo that even if we chop all day we won't finish it in one year.) bamboo's leaves don't turn into that won't attracts tourists.and as i'm working in the tourist division in the town hall, it seems to be one of our duties.or maybe because or kacho is a big gardening fan and just wants to be outside the office.well, to me it was long as there are no snakes and it's not raining.

i will write about the exhibition as soon as i'm back to normal office life.
see you out in the mountains surrounding arita-chou.and watch out for falling trees, they might hit the case of bamboo that doesn't hurt that much.but that's just my experience... (stupid colleague was chopping trees in my back)