Why so reserved?

sarah and I just got back from the Billy Joel concert in Fukuoka. I am a very happy girl now...I grew up listening to him on a daily basis...Some kids listened to Raffi, for me it was BIlly...My parents were huge fans so now my sisters and I follow in their footsteps...This was the 6th time I have seen him Live...Yes I admit I can sing every song and dont miss a lyric(yes I know its not healthy)....While he was just as amazing as always(just a little older and had no hair) there was something strange about the atmosphere....

That is...EVERYONE was sitting in their seats like good little middle school students...No one was talking, singing, or dancing...they were just contently listening to the music and occassionally clapping their hands.

Ive been to a lot of conerts before but this is the first one where the audience did not go wild...(and by wild I mean singing along to their songs or even standing up at the end for an ovation) When he was finished playing, no one but sarah and I were yelling Encore..they just sat in their seats in the dark waiting...An occassional head bop came from the guy sitting next to me, but that was about it...I mean I dont understand how people didnt get hte least bit into it...he was jamming for a while, playing the piano incredibly with his ass, while playing the hamonica and singing...it was very impressive to say the least...And not to menion when he random stopped the concert, picked up a guitar, started playing, and had one of his driving maintenence crew guys sing "Bad Religion" The looks on their faces were hilarious when that started.

Thanks to Sarah and my crazy singing, enthusiasm, and dancing, I think we got a few people around us a little more into it than the average joe, but still it was quite a sight to see...The only spec of excitement they showed was during the final encore when he played Piano Man...someone must have told him that Japan is obsessed with the Beatles bc he introed it with "Imagine". You started to see a few hands raise and sway left to right...well not really but sllightly moving...

But has anyone else experienced this total lack of energy in events like this? I see them at Kunchi and know that Jpaanese people can get excited...Ive seen them at karaoke bars and know they can sing. Ive seen them out at clubs and I know they cant dance(but they surely try)...so why when there is a event they go to, why wont they just let loose? What is it that would get them to let go of being so reserved and just allow themselves to have a great time?

After the concert, we went to Hard Rock Cafe...im usually not a big fan of the place, but that Chicken Cheese Melt Burger couldnt have tasted better....The waiters spoke perfect English, and it was a good escape from remembering that I did infact live in Japan...Sometimes that is needed...especially when youve got your heart set on going home in 8 days! If you ever need a good place to eat a real hamburger or meal, go there...its right under the dome...and the food is delicious!

off to bed I go...Got school in the morning...Yes on Sunday..why? I dont know...but they think its a good idea..Remember its the XMAS Charity party tomorrow night too...see you all their! You can even get your face painted by yours truly if youre lucky!