blogging guide part 2: the videoblog

Continuing everyone's education of what is possible with blogging...
Video blogging is like the a natural evolution of blogging. As bandwidth gets higher and technology gets more sophisticated, naturally one can do more with a blog. Ergo, the videoblog. I hear it killed the radio star, but that's neither here nor there.
This is an example of an embedded video:
Pretty cool, huh?
By the way, how many of you regale your coworkers at parties with little tricks like this? I make a sound eerily similar to a baby chicken to their amusement, among other party tricks. I never mention that I entertain shougakusei with the same trick.
So anyways, you can display any video from that site with a code that you can get by scrolling down on the page that happens to have the video you like. Some other sites let you do this.
Alternatively, you can link to a video offsite, like this (be sure to scroll down when you get there).
Also, if you have a memory card (and memory card reader), you can make a movie on your digital camera or keitai and post it on the net via various hosts. I tried, which is the same site that hosts the above movie. Anyways, here is an example from my keitai (it's really short).
Also of interest: Dakota Fanning being interviewed by a nervous, Japanese Highschool student. Look for the most famous English phrase the Japanese know.
and: A videoblog about videoblogging. It's very poetic and cool.

Google video is another site that lets you view, search for, and post videos, also with a feature to put them directly onto your blog.