Good morning all you beautiful expatriots. I didn't introduce myself last Thursday so I figure I'll try and do that now as quick and non-descript as possible. My name's Dustin, nice to meet you. I know about 3 of the 100 Jets out here in lovely Saga-ken so I decided I'd ramble a little so those I've never spoken to can perhaps get some pointless insight that will most likely change their lives forever.

It's interesting to me to be part of this Jet community. I see some of you seldomly, some of you often and strangely enough it's easy to form such quick opinions about people I interact with next to never. I see my Hallo Supa grociery clerks a couple times a week but I've never bothered to form an opinion about them yet for some reason someone makes a comment at a random conference, function, whatever and it becomes easy for me to remember. I guess, whether we like each other or not we're all peers and colleagues here and for better or worse we're probably more like each other than anyone else in Saga-ken. Of course, we're all incredibly different and that's why it's interesting to throw 100 strangers into a pseudo-community of sorts and see what happens. Part of why it's so interesting is that I think we're all motivated people with opinions and goals and sometimes these kinds of people butt heads. I myself feel I've had some awkward interactions since August and I'm pretty sure at least 10% of you hate me by now. Well, I hope not, but opinions and past tiffs aside I've got no problems with any and all of you and I would hope that would be the case for most of us. It's hard being out here far away from our Bagel shops and mayonnaiseless pizza so why make it any harder on ourselves by creating antagonism in the community we're supposed to be tight with?

I guess that's gonna happen anyway.

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty damn good despite the fact that I can still feel Cormac's knee imprint on my rib cage to remind me of our wonderful football (soccer) victory over the Nagasaki something or others. Then everyone got shitfaced. I drink more than I've ever drank in my life here in Japan. What's up with that? No problem, I suppose. Who wants to go drinking tonight?