nod off!

a friend of mine in tokyo just mailed me to tell me that he met a girl he`d been dating 2 years ago, last night, by chance. they had to wait for the same subway train for 5 minutes, and then ride along together for another 6 or 7 minutes. he said it was all very very awkward. it was a brief and testing affair. i remember a chat we`d had back then, in almost perfect detail...

`so, um, last nite i really screwed up.`

`what happened`

`well, we were out boozing, and then we got back, started messing about, and she starts to ah pleasure me, if you...`

`i believe the phrase is `blow-job`.`

`yes, me too. anyway, as the procedure is unfolding, i kind of ... nodded off.`

`.... nodded off? [insert laughter]. you mean you fell assleep whilst she was giving you a blow-job?`

`i was knackered. my god, she went mad...`

`you are officially the worst person in the world...`

and then a week later another call.

`oh god, you won`t believe this.`

`go on... oh not again?`

`well, no, but, similar, oh god, worse!`


`this time same story, few beers, back in bed, only this time i`m down there, and, if you get me, and...`

`oh... you... oh you didn`t, you couldn`t have...`

`i did. i was down there, head between thighs, and i... i fell asleep.... i...`

`[again laughter, this time tears too] i don`t know you. my god, you are unbelievable... `

what really gets me is how long it was before she noticed??? a minute? 10 seconds? did he snore? could he have suffocated?


there was absolutely no point in posting that, other than that it cracks me up.