melting hearing aids

"underact, express depression," chimed Morrissey in his own inimitable way, no doubt waving about a daffodill as he sang. give it a go, it`s an antidote to the pleas of the `always be happy` brigade. (when will they realise that that`s impossible?). there will no doubt be many people here that hate the smiths, that see tham as depressing angst merchants (and what`s wrong with that i muse), and then there will be the enlightened, those that know. those that earned their stripes sat at home in one-bulb bedrooms for nights on end, endlessly repeating `still ill` or `this charming man`. but if by any chance there are any of you who have never heard a smiths album, or better still a smiths song, i implore you to seek them out. maybe you`ll hate them too, but maybe, just maybe, you`ll fall in love, hotly, sweatily, once, and forever.

(Morrissey has earned his capital M)