right last post before i wilt from this heat. what a wimp! i used to love the heat of japan, these roasting summers, but now i`m on my 4th and i haven`t got the stomach for it anymore. i spend most of summer in the clinging humidity dreaming of winter, cursing my school for not having air-cons in the classrooms. barbarians.

and no heaters for the winter. we had one particularily cold assembly in the gym last winter. we wera all awaiting the arrival of some Important Local Dullard, during which the discipline teacher came out and said `now look, i know it`s cold but you`ll all have to stop shivering. mr X is a very Important Local Dullard, and it just won`t do. now stop your teeth chattering and gambatte, or else i`ll shout very loudly like i always do (it comes easy because my mother never loved me and i feel generally disillusioned with life and just look at my tase in suits), and you`ll all have to ignore me like you always do because you`ve all heard it a thousand times before.` (or words to that effect). MERCILESS i tell you...

oh yes the point of this entry - to praise (or big up? is that right?) Big Rob. aka DJ RobRack. saw him at the reggae festival on noko-no-shima on sunday - he was djing, and he was proper good. great tunes, seamless mixing, and proper good rapping! i salute you, Scary Rob. (despite the temperature he was wearing a wooly ski hat. how cool is that?)

saw another great act, called Baghdad Cafe, proper pants name but un-pants tunes, and a lead singer who`ll knock your socks off even if you`re wearing sandals and no socks, she`s that good. from osaka, worth a shufty innit mush? should anyone want a copy i`ll be happy to copy it. and if anyone has got some nice japanese stuff they`d like to share, i have no sense of personal pride in the receiving department, give give give.