Why is it that they have smelly glue here? I had a 2 year elementary school girl happily preping her work area as we were making our projects in class. Her last preparation was to take out her glue stick and open it ever so slightly and take the biggest whiff and grin. Then she turns to me and says, 'you have to smell this it's smells so good.' I did and it just smelled kind of like a toothpaste I had as a kid. Do they do this to start kids off with an early bad habit? Maybe the glue company is in bed with some drug pushers. I mean have you smelled the markers? Geez Louise, you can get higher than a kite on one project alone. I remember the good old days of Mr. Scratch, or something like that. Markers that smelled like heaven.

I never really thought of stationary as dangerous until recently. I had a friend of mine, some what recently, had some bad luck when she bought what she thought was an apple flavored lip gloss, because it had "APPLE" written on it. She bought it and smeared it on her lips only to notice it one, did not smell or taste like apple and two, it was glue. Hee, hee. Tip for those with limited Japanese reading skills: If you see what looks like lip gloss or balm, near the stationary section, don't buy it unless, you need glue even if it says "APPLE."