Is it my turn again?

Damn, for some reason I thought I posted something but it didn't come up because I can't get instructions in English. Oh well. Hi everybody! I think I volunteered to post this week, but if someone else is I apologize. I'd like to thank Aine for making a valient effort in keeping the blog alive and well. Blog people, it's fun to vent.

After two days of Halloween fiestas, I'm pooped. None the less I'm teaching 6 classes of sho for three days and so I have to keep my energy level up. I am teaching a nice Halloween lesson which includes a screaming Halloween song and a run/tag someone/scream at the top of your lungs game. Exhausting but fun. I love to see their faces when they get tagged or are running from someone and run smack into me or sometimes the person their trying to save.

Why am I teaching 6 classes at sho for 3 days straight? Whenever my chu doesn't need me due to testing they ship me off to sho whom in turn, love to have me there and want to cram all they classes they can into 3 days. Tiring, but there are perks. One, they I feel appreciated and loved my students and staff alike. Two, today, I am cute-sensei because they actually noticed the haircut and color I got this weekend (even though it looks the same to me, except I know I spent 10,000 yen to have it look the same). Three, their school lunch kicks butt. I'd love to teach here all the time, but I can't and I don't have that much energy to fake.

I think I've practiced the 'Whale' speech a bit too much. I had a strange-discovery-channel-documentary-like-nightmare on Friday. Of course this was after the enkai where the teacher next to me kept pointing at the whale of the "plate o' mysterious enkai food" and said, 'Kujira... eto, 'Weiru' is very guddo.' I refused politely and kept hearing, 'zey go deep into za oshian..' Kawaiso ne.

Anyway, I must get going, I have another screaming session to prepare.