There's a lie in there somewhere...

Muarice is schedualed to take the posting duties of this blog soon, but until that time...
Alright, lots went on this weekend, but I have relatively little in terms of photos documenting it. So my assignment to my cohorts is to get pictures to me via email.
We had someone turn 25.
I, Jersey, Cosby, and little Reese drank 蝮酒 (まむしざけ), which, if you don't already know, is sake with scorpion and snake venom in it. Someone that was there go to that bar and take a picture of the bottle! Now, lest you think the non-drinker (me) has given up their standards, let me assure you that I did it for the reputed genki-feeling, as I am sick. I also drink tamagozake and nyquil.
We played truth or dare.
I fought off hoards of beautiful women.
We lampooned Japanese porn.
Baby Jesus cried for our souls.
We went to an orphange and played dodgeball with the kids. We proptly decided to start the saga-ken dodgeball leage. We'll play against Nagasaki soon.
I did my darndest to gain the nickname ルシファ (Lucifer). The kids at the orphanage think that's my name now.
Baby Jesus cried even harder.
Jane proved quite funny and good with kids. I lifted her into the air in a wrestling move to show the kids how fun it was. They didn't believe me.
We watched a sad movie. Then The Office (Britis version), where I learned the word minge.
The Tan and Risa discovered the joys of Japanese speed-dating. I fought off more women.
We climed mount 黒髪 (black hair).
We ate ramen and played a game where we told truths and lies. Little Reese... well, I wouldn't say he won, but he took the cake.
We realized that we had all "retired" from certain childish actions as we grew up, but then it occurred to me that being a JET still feels a lot like college, were you can hang out with good friends and eat and laugh and share parts of yourself. Love you guys.
I finished the night by sweeping beautiful women out of my house. This one gave me a few problems.