bye bye

there`s two things in life that i am passionate about above all others: one is girls on bikes, the other is football. and i`m off to do one of those things on a little island near osaka this weekend with the fukuoka footie team. can you guess which? here`s a hint; i`ll be using lots of linament on my thighs and strapping bandages over my appendages. that`s right, it`s... football... and not girls on bikes. still, excited! try to imagine me as a 5 year old the night before xmas day and you`ll get the idea, though unlike then i haven`t wet my knickers. not yet. (which brings me to an admission... at the last tournament up in saitama, in which the fukuoka team got to the final, i was half-way through the final half when i was desperate to go to the loo. we`d been out on the sauce the night before, and i`d taken a rather severe lashing, so i`d been knocking back the aquarius the whole day, without a toilet break. so there i was, battling on the pitch, 2-0 down, all hands on board, no more subs allowed, and i`m feeling such pain in my bowels that i can hardly run, in a world-cup venue stadium, 32 years old, and then i`m weeing into my pants. weeing into my pants. a clear liquidy un-smelly kind of a pee it might have been, but a pee in the kecks it was nontheless. (if you want to be humbled, i suggest you give it a go...). ps don`t tell anyone, it`s a secret.

(if you know anyone that cycle races, ask them about inner-pant bowel movements, it won`t be a pretty tale)

why am i thinking of the words `regret`, `this`, and `later i will`?


if you`ve ever wondered about those giant heads on easter island and what they`re about, i recommend reading a book dave bonar lent me, `a short history of progress`. it`s a sad and sorry tale of how humans managed to completely rape and pillage a bountiful land and leave themselves with nothing in a very short space of time. hmm, sound familiar?

he has some interesting thoughts. i don`t agree with everything, but it`s a fascinating book. see below, this would be a good essay title... `and discuss`...

`both communism and capitalism offer rival versions of an earthly paradise. in practise communism was no easier on the planet than capitalism. but at least it proposed a sharing of the goods. capitalism lures us onward like the machanical hare before the greyhound, insisting that the economy is infinite and sharing and therefore irrelevant. just enough greyhounds catch a real hare now and then to keep others running till they drop. in the past it was only the poor that lost this game; now it is the planet.` ronald wright, a short history of progress.


so last blog this is. thanks to matt for setting this thing up. idea of the year!