Puppy loving

Hello, all those out there in Saga. For those I've not met, let me introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I'm living out in a little city I like to call Takeo. I've been here 2 years, 142 days or 872 days. Most days I love my job cause I teach some pretty cool kids, but lately energy has been lacking in a big way. At least, that was until last week or so. I finally got the chance to take any seat in a bus, haha, sorry I meant I meant I finally got the chance to take some me time and got some of my act together. Maybe that's not the sole reason for my change of heart and motivation, but dammit all if I don't give a poop and am just grateful for the change.

Today was the best day in the world. Not for any one particular reason, I was just happy. Kids were attentive and interested, oragami hand turkeys came out better than planned, kyushoku wasn't half-bad and I got to hug two puppies at work today. I think if they gave every ALT a puppy (except those who are allergic) to hug every couple days or so people would be a hell of a lot happier. I was laughing at myself in the grocery store after work today thinking how adorable those puppies were. Puppy buries it head in my boobs to get away from kids- adorable, precious. Person tries to do the same- I'm gonna have a sore foot from kicking someone.

Anyway, though instead of bugging someone to blog this week I might just take this week myself. My apologies for the randomness, I'm not on drugs, I've been here 872 days.