In search of...

My boss took the day off from work today, so, although my "supervisor" was there, it was a relatively slow day. I basically spent the day making Halloween masks for my Halloween "Event" next Saturday, using time wisely on the int0rnet, and talking to my office mates. Actually, for those of you who read the Saga City newsletter (don't throw away the October 1 edition! I'm on the last page before the back cover!!) the longest conversation I had today had to do with the next installment, which I wrote about the Japanese sense of seasons, and the limited-to-Autumn beers that come out here. While we were on the topic of beer, it came up how Japanese people think Asahi, Sapporo, Kirin, and Suntory are types of beer, and I got inspired to go in search of beer other than the big four.

Well, I didn't feel like bicycling to Jusco, so I thought I would take the short trip down to Booze on Chuo-dori here in Saga. No luck, since it was closed (does anyone know what time its open? I've only seen it open once and I think that was a Tuesday night). Instead I went home and decided to go return the copy of "Go" that I was talking about a few days ago (this time I came away with Syriana, which I had tried to download a while back but couldn't find one with subtitles for the Arabic/Farsi scenes). On the way home from Tsutaya, I took the long way back to near City Hall, and found passed a liquor store. It seemed larger than your average sakaya, and so after passing it once I turned around and went in. The only beers not made by the big four? Budweiser and Guiness. A thousand-odd yen poorer and four cans of Guiness richer I went home, made dinner, and feasted. I don't know, though, something about frozen friend rice and yesterday's mushroom curry reheated just didn't do the trick for me. Maybe I'll hit up the conbini for some ice cream later. Here's to 1) my next attempt at mushroom curry coming out better and 2) beer.

Why did I stay in on such a wonderful Friday night? Glad you asked. As of 10:25, I am officially 750cc's more bad-ass than I was at the beginning of the week. Oh yeah.