Today actually started off really well. I was about to go to sleep last night, which was actually early this morning, only to find that Japanese college football was on TV. Not expecting much of a game, I figured I’d watch for a few minutes, turn it off, and go to sleep. That’s when things started going downhill. Two and a half hours later it was basically 3:30 AM and I had work in the morning. I woke up, ate, shaved, and made it to work in record time… but was still late. The best part was that I missed my turn to give a speech during the morning meeting (by 45 seconds) and the lady who had to do it in my place wasn’t really happy about it. But, in the end, it was definitely worth it. Ok maybe it wasn’t, but its Monday so give me a break.

The other problem with only sleeping a few hours at night is that I get really tired by the time I get home. I realized that today when I passed out on my floor around 6 and woke up again at 9. Ok, ok, I need to make up my speech tomorrow so I’m going to sleep.