I miss my mom today. I was doing so well all week of keeping busy and not really focusing on anything but the work in front of me and what I had to do. But today as my work day ends I miss my mom. My house is a shambles from the abuse a weeks worth of laundry, severe neglect and a 20 minute battle with a spider last Friday. Half my living room wall probably has bug spray residue on it and is probably killing me slowly with each breath I take in my house. I can't remember when I last made a proper meal for myself. My back is achy and although I don't feel that sick anymore, I am reserving the right to act sicker than I am because I didn't take a day off when I should have earlier this week.

I remember as a kid my mother's remedy for the common cold was to get the sickly one in clean jammies after a hot bath. After some 7-up to settle the stomach, you got propped up with pillows on the couch and got smothered with blankets. Next Vicks got slathered on you like it was going out of style and it opened up your nostrils too much so that in fact you wish you couldn't breathe because so much air was going to your head. Then you got a bandana wrapped around your head in bank robber style and you passed out quickly after from eucalyptus / menthol intoxication. After you awoke you got hot food made for you and some soothing treat like pudding cup or ice cream to ease your sore throat. Damn it all if I didn't realize how good I actually had it. I'd pay for this kind of treatment now. I remember my brothers and I used to think my mom didn't know the right way to use Vicks until we saw a commercial with a little kid getting Vicks slathered on his chest too. But he looked so happy about it. I don't remember that being an enjoyable thing.

I really have no point with this post. I was just a little perturbed by how people acted shocked if I blow my nose. I hate sniffing it all back. However, I did find an article about how it's probably better to sniff instead of blowing. Eh well, some people never learn right? Hope you all enjoy your weekend and keep bundled up. Call your mother if you get sick, it's the next best thing.