Here in Morodomi, the sun is shining but it's snowing!

It feels like it must be mid 40s, (7.2 C) but the weather report is saying it's 36 degrees F (2.2 C). The snowflakes are immediately turning to water as they land on things, but it still makes me happy. I feel like I'm finally settling in properly. Things are coming together. For example; I have just learned where to pay the last of my bills (natural gas was a tricky one; who knew you had to go to a gas station to pay it? In America, natural gas companies don't sell gasoline--at least not under the same name).

Part of this, of course, is that I'm now able to string together basic sentences, since I've had enough time to pick up enough useful words. Shame on the mandatory Japanese lessons for not teaching us a single verb form. Knowing basic verbs would have been waaaay more useful than learning to say the Japanese equivalent of "Honey, I'm home!" (which I forgot anyway, since I live alone).

Another part of it is that more people in town are used to seeing me around town. That awkward "getting to know you" stage is a real drag when its simultaneously happening to you and 11 thousand people.

Also, I've had a really relaxing long weekend, followed by a two day workweek--with cocoa(!) in the staffroom coffee bar. That alone sent my spirits soaring.

So all of these things are coalescing into a sense of utter well-being. I know that this is not news to a lot of people. Most of you have already hit this point. But I feel like I'm always blogging about the bad things that happen to me here that I should try to give equal time to the really good moments, too.

I hope everyone's having a nifty holiday. If you're still in Saga and want to hang out, drop me a line. Otherwise, I'll see you later.