Tuesday: Hot Toddy

This week, my nose is runny and my throat is sore. After the second kid threw up in class Monday, I'm officially calling that elementary school "the vomit school". I hope I don't have anything. As a reminder, be sure to wash your hands often and with soap for at least 30 seconds. However, if you are feeling under the weather and want something hot to help you sleep, try this.

The Recipe



  1. Dissolve the honey in hot water

  2. Add lemon juice

  3. Stir in whiskey

The Notes

The Resource


There are a lot of mixology sites on the Internet today. Webtender has been around since 1997-- and doesn't seem to have changed much aesthetically since then. So it's ugly but it gets the job done. Entire New Years Eve parties have been centered around their "In My Bar" feature, which lets you plug in the contents of your bar (tedious, but gets saved as a cookie) and automagically receive a list of drinks that you can make with those ingredients. Handy.