Wednesday: 2-Ingredient Biscuits

When I saw the title of this recipe during my search for a biscuit recipe--a-HEM-- which I first did a month ago when I made these--, I thought, "yeah: Bisquick and water, right?" But this is the real deal. At the very maximum, you'll have to do it with four ingredients. And that ain't half bad. Incidentally, when I say "biscuits," I'm talking about the American variety, which are kind of like scones...but not entirely.

The Recipe



  1. Put the dry ingredient(s) in a large bowl. If you're adding salt and baking powder (see the note below), then mix them in well.

  2. Add the cream. I find that a wooden spoon is the best way to start out with the mixing. Once the mixture is more solid, I use my hands. Mix just until combined

  3. Scrape out onto a clean, floured surface and knead together no more than five times.

  4. Roll them to about 1/2" thickness and cut them into 3" circles. Or just make little balls with your hands and smash them down with the bottom of a glass until they're 1/2" thick and about 3" across. Metric: 3" ≈ 7.6 cm ; 1/2" ≈ 1.25 cm

  5. Place on a greased baking sheet.

  6. Bake: 450°F / 232° C ; 8-10 minutes.

The Notes

The Resources

Wikibooks Cookbook
+ Wikipedia

Together, these are great resources for learning about food all over the world. The encyclopedia has Latin names for plants (which you can use to do things like discover that acorn squash is one of the vegetables that Japanese people call kabocha). The cookbook has a nice variety of recipes.