Feeling exhausted and not motivated, I decided to pull a "finals week schedule" which is where I go to bed at an ungodly early hour, get plenty of sleep and wake up at an ungodly early hour. (in this case, 4 am) .

So I was up this morning, fiending for food, and I decided I'd do pancakes. But I never really bothered to memorize a recipe...and I was too lazy to find one that I usually use, so I hopped on Allrecipes and dug one up. I changed the white sugar to brown and man, it turned out well!

So here is it. It makes 4 servings. Which is enough to feed a really hungry me. Or two normal people. If you have extra, you could probably wrap each in plastic wrap (or put waxed paper between each), toss them in a Ziploc, and put them in your freezer. Breadlike things tend to freeze well.


1. In a small bowl, thoroughly combine all the dry ingredients.

2. In a separate bowl, beat all the wet ingredients together well.

3. Heat your frying pan until water sizzles when you flick it across the surface of the pan. For me the lowest regular setting on my gas burner was ok.

4. Add a little butter and tilt the melted butter around to coat the bottom of the pan.

5. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ones, stirring until just mixed. (The baking powder begins reacting immediately when it gets wet, so you shouldn't mix it until you're ready to use it.)

6. Add 1/4 cups (about 60 ml) of the mixture to the pan. When the top begins to bubble, flip the pancake. Repeat until you have a platter of golden delights.

7. Serve immediately with some of the horrendously expensive pancake syrup they have here. Unless you can get your hands on the even-more-expensive real maple syrup, in which case I envy you so you should be especially smug when you enjoy these pancakes.

Also, I finally got around to finishing the last recipe from my December week of cooking. It's not much of a recipe. It's really just an excuse to talk about, which I review in the "Resources" section. Huzzah.