Cleaning like there's no tomorrow

So, today is a great day. Why, you may ask? It's a great day because everyone here has been in a cheerful and fabulous mood due to the fact that yesterday was the last day and they don't have to teach today. And I'm wearing jeans and my uni sweatshirt too, so I feel really comfortable. Ironically, Ashley-sensei is also wearing her uni sweatshirt too, so I guess we can say it is the gaijin uniform for today. Also, amazingly I didn't spend all day at my desk. I'm a cleaning machine today. At first, they were a bit hesitant to give me a rag to start cleaning. They were like, hmm, what CAN you do? But after they saw I can reach things most can't, they relaxed a bit and I even got to organize some picture cards. It's amazing what monkey's can do with rags. But really, I'm in a great mood today. I just wish I was outside soaking up the beautiful sun. I don't mind. I cleaned the windows and the sun is coming through because everything that was piled up next to the windows had to be cleared to clean them. Yay! Oh, and I had another fabulous lunch. This day can only get better if I get to go home now. Or if I find out that the teacher I don't like teaching with is leaving. Here's to wishful thinking.