hit me

this article is interesting. http://observer.guardian.co.uk/international/story/0,6903,1562518,00.html
it`s about black peoples anger with bush for the woeful way that the hurricane disaster has been dealt with.

rape, throat-slitting, the cops shooting folk, sounds like escape from new york.... how long til the movie comes out i wonder...


speaking of escape... today i sit here on a brief relief from the monotony (try doing it three times) of the school sports day, the impact of which is slightly lessened by the memories of friday and saturday, when i was at the sunset live concert. japanese festivals are the best i have ever been to, for various reasons, the main one being that everyone is just so friendly, so nice, so non-violent. at festivals in england you always get the lager crowd, pissed up scallies on the lookout for mischief, the cranked up speed dealers looking like their skeleton`s are about to emerge from their eye sockets, and the odd, ever-dangerous, ever-ready, very hard bloke on too much e. at sunset i didn`t see a single bouncer or policeman the whole two days. on top of that the music was generally good and at times fantastic - if you`re interested check out osaka monorail, a james brown-inspired unit, and the shitly-named buy fantastically-suited soil&"pimp" sessions. japanese music IS good, but it takes some looking...

so next year i`d like to suggest that instead of putting the new arrivals through all those often pointless orientations and over-long japanese lessons, kencho or ajet buy every single new alt a 3 day ticket and let them loose at sunset. and one for me too.