blog ideas part 5: Soliciting opinions

Blogs don't happen in a vacuum. Otherwise they would be diaries or journals. But they are on the net. They are about community. In some ways, they are a successor to the forum. With this in mind, I present the following question:
Do you use the communal soap in the school washing basins?

Do you use the soap on a rope at your school?
Yes, it's quite clean and healthy.
No, that's icky.
What's soap?
I am Superman, and can rub my hands together so fast that the friction burns any germs and stray children in the area.
Are you kidding? If I was to bend over to wash my hands, I would be kanchoed.
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I mean, I personally think they are gross, but I am an essenceophobe. For example, back when I still lived with my family, I insisted on using my own soap, the rest of the family's was tainted to my obsessive compulsive self. So school soap is even worse; hundreds of people touching it, and the sinks seem less than clean (see photo)! I scrub my hands vigorously with the cold water instead, which I hear kills more germs than soap anyway. Anyways, put your preference on the poll below. As you can imagine, much more interesting opinion polls could be made, but this came to my mind recently.