desperation strikes

Am currently at Marianne's enjoying a pretty chilled Friday night. Unfortunately, due to the constraints on our wallets this month (various holidays and enkais having been paid for), we are unable to afford our usual half case of vintage champagne and canape. A trawl of our respective kitchens has turned up an open year-and-a-half-old bottle of white wine (slightly vinegary smelling), a bottle of Korean beer from last July, two cartons of ume-shu and , lo and behold, like a knight in shining armour, a virtually full bottle of chilled Bombay Sapphire! It's not late enough in the evening to be taking straight shots of the stuff so a mixer will have to be used. Water? Too boring. Thus, leaving the only option of Aquarius. I really like Aquarius and I really like gin so this could work.......perhaps.

OK! I'm going to try one! Don't try to stop me!

Verdict = *shudder* well it takes the edge off. I'll be glad when I've had enough!