Is Japan Racist?

Unfortunately, yes.

These are two articles from BBC News which discuss the contributing factors for racism in Japan. These misconceptions and fears are essentially what drives these negative attitudes towards foreingers, ranging from socioeconomic status to just plain skin colour. Sound familiar?

Did you know that Japan`s foreign labour force is limited to 0.2%, compared with the U.K. at 3.6% and Germany at 9.1%?

Did you know that just over 1% of Japan`s total population are "registered" foreigners?

Have you been discriminated against in Japan?

On a recent trip to Nagasaki, I paid the local Police Station a visit where I was asked to give my fingerprints. I thought, "Hmm, that`s strange - it`s just a parking ticket". The policeman informed me that it was because I was a foreigner. Let`s be clear on something people - being forced to give your fingerprint just because you are a foreigner IS A VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS. But wait a minute, the U.S. conducts this kind of human rights violation on its foreign visitors too, so does that make it acceptable?