Self-deprecation 1 - Ego 0

As a few of you may recall, Elisabeth asked whether any tall / athletic female ALTs would be willing to take part in the filming of a sumo movie. Well, as fate should have it, I answered her request, seeing as I saw myself as fitting if not both, at least one of the categories.

We were assured that the film would be tasteful and represent foreginers in a good light. I didn't however realise that this light would be illuminating my pasty white skin whilst wearing a mawashi. Yes, for those of you who don't know, the mawashi is the big thong-cum-nappy thing that sumo wrestlers wear whilst fighting. To save any (god forbid) embarrassment, we were allowed to wear a vest-top and spandex shorts. Cos that makes it loads better.

The mawashi is made of thick, heavy cotton and manages to uncomfortably separate the body into torso, right leg and left leg. Whilst being adjusted for that authentic fit, the film-maker managed to lift me off the ground BY MY BELT ONLY. It's slightly uncomfortable for women so I dread to think what it's like for men.

I do however believe this to be a situation where a picture can speak a thousand words:

As a side-effect of being a fake Russian champion sumo wrestler though, I have been talking in a husky slavic accent all week, which has proved mildly-diverting during any awkward silences. Which is nice.