Photo Finish

So I was heading back from lunch at Baronne — a nice little Italian restaurant here in Karatsu, home of the second best pizza in Saga-ken (after my own, of course) — cruising along on my granny bike (now with both tires fully inflated!) when I decided to do something rather stupid: coast along with my feet stuck out in front of me.

Somehow in doing this, I managed to catch the toe of my left shoe in the front wheel of the bike, which quickly brought the proceedings to a rather rapid halt. I had a good couple seconds to contemplate how much this was gonna suck when I hit pavement, and sure enough it did: I swiftly proceeded to make a leisurely fall to the side, made all the more graceless on account of my foot still being stuck behind me in the bike. I've got a lovely bruise along the length of my left shin and managed to sprain both my wrists (I'm hoping it's just a sprain; the left is worse off than the right, which is mostly fine by now), which — despite liberal applications of ice packs and strange dermal adhesive pads that make my whole hand feel burning hot, instead of just my wrist — are still hurtin' this morning.

The upshot of this is that extensive typing is kind of out for the moment if I can help it, so instead I'm going to finish off my week with a sampling of photos that I've taken during my adventures here in Japan thus far.

, Onizuka Town, Karatsu. March 2006.

Onoura Falls
, Outside Hiroshima City. October 2005.

Culture Day
, Onizuka Junior High School, Karatsu. October 2005.

Stone Buddhas
, Imari Pottery Mountain. December 2005.

, Shimabara-to-Kumamoto Ferry. December 2005.

Freezing Fountain
, Sapporo, Hokkaido. February 2006.

Abandoned Loader
, Fukushima Island, Nagasaki-ken. June 2006.

, Karakuni-dake, Kirishima National Park. July 2006.

So concludes my turn at blogging. Thanks to Sarah for the opportunity, and you for reading. If you're interested in more stuff, I do have a blog of my own, which is updated sporadically as the mood strikes me. There are also plenty more photos at my flickr site.

Have a great weekend and to all the new arrivals, welcome to our little corner of Kyushu!

-- Colin out.