a date to the movies

I saw the da vinci code yesterday. Before we went I must admit to being rather hesitant at our chances of actually seeing the film. A number of factors were against us, namely, we hadn’t booked tickets, it was the opening day, a Saturday nonetheless, and we turned up 20 minutes before the movie started. Turns out Saga folk just aren’t big fans of the movies. On the right is the crowd Karen had to fight through to get to her seat in theatre 1. God it was hard work!

On a note about the actual film, if you have already read the book, like I had, don’t bother seeing it, if you haven’t read the book, like Karen… well… still don’t bother!! Waste of bloody time and money. There are a million things better for you to do with 1800 yen and 3 hours of time. I recommend buying a shit load of water bombs, heading to Yamauchi, asking where “Tan-sensei” lives and letting rip on him and his house. He’ll love you for it, honest!

And on that note it's for me to say "peace" and i'll catch you fella's later as my saga blogging has come to an end. Clay, I hope I didn't lose too much of the established JET readership...