Like a chicken with its head cut off...

Apologies to the loyal reader of Saga Jet Blog or even just the occasional reader for not having many posts lately. I've been super busy and have no time to try and solicit people to write. Furthermore, most people are on vacay or leaving so it's a tough time to find writers. Anyway, beginning on Monday, July 31st for a week this forum will be open for anyone who would like to write and has written previously for Saga Jet. Please try and limit yourself to one post a day just in case by some stroke of miracle, more than one person wants to blog per day. That way there aren't loads of posts all at once.

If anyone who hasn't posted, would like to start writing next week or would like to take a week of their own, please feel free to contact me at and I will send you out an invite.

Meanwhile, if I have time this week, I might try to squeeze a post or two in before open blogging starts. Again, my apologies.