drunk blogging...

let me begin by setting the scene.... It's 11:30pm and a group of 11 of us in Takeo have just finished a game of circle of death. Good times I can assure you... We are now having a little, between game, break to each spare a moment and write a little....

obviously I, Angus (cosby), will go first since blogging at the moment is my time... "I dominated the game of circle of death. I fucked people up like only I know how. I was question master two times and never has it been performed at such a level as fifteen minutes ago. Also Naughty by nature fucking crank..."

(btw, for your information Karen is my fiancee who has recently, wednesday this week, returned to Japan much to my, and everyone else's delight)

"Weee, O.P.P. is sounding good right now. Just got to say, I assume everyone here realizes this by now, but young Japanese women are crazy. Far different that normal American women crazy, the "I'm a kangaroo!" kinda crazy. Anyhoo, feeling good, end of a hard week, head messed with Korea's finest rotgut and missing Amanda. A thousand blessings on you all. On to Badsha...

Ello Ello peoples its Miss Badazz how u guys doing,right now we are coming off crazy.Tonight
was awesome getting the gang together,good times,good people and good laughs.Wicked Cos! Stay true! Peace!

Blogging isn't really my thing in any way, but I will respect the wishes of my gracious hosts. Well, it's always good to see the other good people from the Takeo area. Good times had by all. Met a new Japanese person tonight and they didn't disappoint. So many of the people from around here are so nice. I had to make it a short night because of commitments for the next day, but even the short outings with m
y friends here are always worth it. As always. looking forward to the next gathering I'm a part of. Take it easy folks and big thanks to Cosby and the recently returned Karen for hosting.

Kinu sensei:

welcomeback, karen!! u r so sweet!!

These people are so funny. And Karen has brought the Takeo-crew back together! And I totally won mafia; but me and Eric are so apt to accuse we almost screwed each other over. Luckly, we are also
dead smart. Skinny boy power! And what the-- it's hot in here. Imma take off all my clothes.


I am having soooooo much fun time together with Takeo crew. I feel like I am 23 !!!... but i am really *cough cough* 26.... oh, i mean 28!

Karen is BACK! *Yea!* Welcome home! OH b
aby, imagine how good it's going to feel to flash that fat VISA when those shady Takeo cops hassle you. Then you have to say "Fuck the police," before asking where the "kakouii baa" is.

Hmmm well what can I say its my turn and I don't know what to say... not really like me (plus Im having some trouble hitting the rightkeys !!!) SO Its been so so nice hanging out with the Takeo crew again... we rock down this neck o
f the woods... good ole fingers and slaps... what more could a gal ask for ;) Take care evereyone and yill next time when I shall be blogging all by myself Yippeee for Karens return also Love Bunkie xx xx xx xx

wow... I'm not even an ALT, so I feel extra special to be blogging on this special site. I also seem to be famous in Takeo tonight, maybe I should
do a hiatus on New Zealand more often. Anyway, it's so good to be back in Japan.... there is nothing like a stint in your home country to make you appreciate all the things that you have in life that you usually take for granted....