Summer is nice. Granted I'm not so big into sweating into and through multiple undershirts, sweating instantaneously as I step outside, and being eaten alive by carnivorious mosquitos. Just this weekend I've been bitten over 60 times in the oddest of places. Sukebe mosquitos. But I like summer a lot.

Things I like about summer:

When I was a kid I remember being taken all over the state because my brothers had soccer tournaments in Seattle or elsewhere. I also remember getting car sick everytime because of the altitude changes and throwing up in plastic ziploc bags because we, "wouldn't get anywhere if we stopped for you to throw-up."

We'd hang-out with my cousins at my grandma's house and swim in the pool. Then we'd play atari or mini-arcade versions of Pac-Man or Donkey Kong, that was the coolest! Anyone remember those? Water fights, my aunt's sun tea, my uncle's bbq and enough tortillas to feed a small country- good times. When we were home we'd have water fights, play in the mud or watch TV. Simpler times that I sometime wish I could go back and visit once in a while. How'd you guys spend your summer?