"Boom period architecture" in Fukuoka

As it turns out, you don't have to go to Tokyo or Kyoto to see architectural wonders in Japan. Fukuoka is even cooler than we thought. Check out this NY Times architecture review of the buildings of Fukuoka, a praise of not only the posh hotels and coctail spots but also the numerous yatai (ramen stands) that dot the streets of Tenjin. Before I read the article, I thought of Canal City as a gaudy-80s-ish tackified conglomeration of neon but I'm impressed to find out that the inspiration for mall is the canyon and valley-filled terrain of the American West.

The article recommends a particular yatai in Hakata, but I've got a better one: Hiroshi's yatai in Tenjin is the place to go. Hiroshi usually has punk or funk music blaring from behind the grill, and he'll tell you all about his punk band, the Jesus Planet Lovers. Tiger Woods has been there and wrote "all do my best" next to his autograph on the green flags. It's located near the corner of Oyafuku-dori.