New members of our team, read this first

Hey all, so as you may have noticed I've been trying to give people blogging ideas of late, so they will have no dearth of things to share and ways to express their thoughts, and those of us reading won't have to stare at the same post about being kanchoed for a week.

So, keep in mind the open posting policy if you're not new.
If you are new, here are the "blog ideas" posts I did:
Clay's all purpose guide to blogging: Tons of ideas, and good examples from the archives.
blogging guide part 2: the videoblog
blogging guide part 3: The audio blog
blog ideas part 4: The interview
blog ideas part 5: Soliciting opinions
Blog ideas part 6: Intertextuality
Along other useful lines: Net Etiquette.
If anyone has additional exemplar posts they think should be added to this list from our archives, email me!

So, if this is your two weeks of blogging, go at it as much as you want (don't worry about having to post every single day). Realize that open posting is encouraged from everyone that is signed up, so don't get upset if someone posts during your week.

This is already looking fun, can't wait to see what you all have to write.