Blog ideas part 6: Intertextuality

Intertextuality is, more or less, reference (often self-reference) in the world of blogs, internet, and ideas. It often means building off an idea, like when Adam made the faux newspaper to go with this entry. Intertextuality also includes the concept of linking back to past ideas (not just within this blog but anywhere) and commenting on them.
For instance, Nick's entry the other day has a great flash animation link. But what does it mean? I didn't realize it at first, but the cats are actually at train conductor school. They are learning station names and landmarks. I really should have known, being a fan of Densha Otoko*.

Anyways, intertextuality is a good way to let the reader know what you are talking about, as well as build off ideas (not to mention dust off old gems from our archives). Jokes work particularly well for this. It's what permalink is for!

*:Yes I am a J-drama fan. I hang my head in shame. Still, could be worse; I could be a K-drama fan.