Saga Blog 1 Year Old

Aine reminded me again this morining that the blog has gotten one year older. Not long really, yet there are already 398 posts from our collective conciousness. Maurice, the pressure is on with the next post, since this is 399, you're gonna be(most likely) doing the 400th post! Good luck putting on a spectacular post, and there better be lots of fireworks and dolphins doing backflips!

I was showing the blog to my supervisor today to explain what it was, when she saw Hanawa (our little man up top there), and remarked that a teacher in our vicinity had taught him as a child. Turns out that the woman taught Hanawa while he was in the sixth grade, and she says that he and his mother were always funny. Too cool.

Here's a birthday song from Japanese artist Cibo Matto. Pretty funny stuff.