the final countdown...

Today marks the one month countdown until the start of the FIFA World Cup. It lasts for a month and is bound to be excitement galore. I know that football is not that huge in the States but I strongly urge everyone to try and get into it. You wont be disappointed. 32 nations all bidding for ultimate glory in the biggest world cup show piece on planet earth.

This year just happens to mark 40 years since England actually got it right for once and won something. It's been a long time in-between but maybe, just maybe, the boys can do it again! Oh, who am I kidding? With Rooney most likely out, barring divine intervention, England will not pass the quarters. *sob sob*

Now I'm not sure how to organise it, or who wants to take the responsibility (shotgun not), but a 'world cup pool' is definitely needed. I'm sure there could be a decent amount of money up for grabs with the number of people who will be wanting a buy in.

May the next 30 days, 20 hours, 2 minutes and 18...17...16...15 seconds pass quickly!!