drinking game

The blog hasn’t be written for a while so I’m going to give it my best shot to bore you all with an overly long blog…

I would like to use this blog to share with you all my favourite drinking game. You may well be familiar with it, and if so I'm sorry for wasting your time. If this is the case, or you don’t drink, I recommend you stop reading……. now.

So, I have probably the game "wrong" compared to how you like to play it, but, chur it's all good right? Now the game in question goes by a couple of names. Some call it "Circle of Death" while others call it "Kings". I personally like circle of death as it sounds hard fucking core... death man, circle of fucking death!!

Firstly, to play you will need the following:

Friends: That’s right, friends. I keep trying to play on my own but just doesn’t work as well.
By the time my fourth personality picks a card I'm fucked. However, it may be something to do with the fact I'm just a pussy and can't hold my liquor?!....
Cards: I recommend ‘Buzz lightyear’ cards from a Hyaku-en store. They only cost... wait for it... 105 en. (Do you not think they should change the name to Hyaku-go-en store?... bloody liars.)
Alcohol: The more the better. There's really no excuse for not buying a shit load in this country. I mean, honestly, has anyone ever lived somewhere with cheaper piss?! Fuckin-a you haven't. Now get out there and build up a liquor cabinet that would make an AA m
ember weep in pain.
A large vessel: Just a big empty cup/glass to go in the middle. For the hardcore, I'm talking to you John Green, I would advise a bucket...

Ok. So now you have everything sorted, you’re sitting down with your “rent-a-friends” cause its Tuesday night and you really want to get stuck into this primo game Cosby’s raving about.... what do you do?

Start by spreading the cards face down in a circle so they are all connected. Next place the vessel/bucket in the middle of them. The way this game works is everyone takes it in turns (yes, patience is a virtue) pulling a card out and turning it over to see what the card value corresponds to. If you happen to be the first to “Break” the circle you have the penalty of finishing your vessel. Not the worst punishment in the world, but still, makes someone get pissed faster, right?!

Now what do the different cards equate to? Well just look below and all will be revealed...

A - Chin master
2 - drink two
3 - drink three
4 - nominate four
5 - nominate five
6 - Ship
7 - Celebrities
8 - Fingers
9 - Waterfall
10 - Toilet card
J - Rule card
Q - Question master
K - Fill some of the vessel (4th King – skull middle vessel)

I know what your now thinking… “What the fuck is fingers gus?….sounds super dodgy…” Steady my young apprentice, just let me explain.

Chin master: You remain chin master until the next “A” is pulled out and then that person becomes the new chin master. Whenever you want to, and as often as you like, you put your hand onto your chin and hold it there. The last person to realize and put their hand on their chin has to drink. I recommend using it loads just to make more people drink.

Drink two & three: Self-explanatory. Drink bitch, drink! Oh and none of that pussy South Island sip drinking shit either… have a full gulp each time please.

Nominate four & five: Again if you have to ask you need to be put down. Simply hand out four or five drinks to one person or divide them to many.

Ship: This is a category game. The person who drew the card starts it off… “ A ship came into the harbour carrying a shit load of…. And then they name a category and something from that category. It moves clockwise around the circle until someone takes too long (more than 5 seconds), repeats something already said, or says something totally wrong.

For example.

Starter: “A ship came into the harbour carrying a shit load of beers. Export”
Next person: “Lion Brown”
Next person: “Monteiths”
Next person: “Miller”
Next person: “I love lamp” - Ok, while “I love lamp” is definitely a great statement to make, at this point in time it is the wrong thing to say as it is not a type of beer. “I love lamp” person therefore drinks.

Celebrities: Easy game probably played by all of you before. You must start by naming a celebrity, both names, and then the person to your left must say a new celebrity beginning with the first letter of the last name. If you happen to say someone with the same letter for both the first name and last name (Jack Johnson) then the direction around the circle reverses. You keep going until someone fucks up. As this game is played over the course of the night you can never repeat celebrities.

Fingers: Sick game. Simply have each person puts their index finger (or both to drag the game out) on the vessel in the middle. First person starts by calling out the number of how many fingers they predict will still be on the vessel after they have called. You need to decide prior to them calling if your going to stay or pull your finger off. If they get it right they get to remove their finger. Thus, the number remaining gets smaller and smaller until only one is left and that person is a, I mean, the, loser.

Waterfall: Everyone stands up. First person begins to skull their vessel. As soon as they begin the person to their left starts, then the person to their left… etc etc. Very quickly everyone is skulling. You can’t stop until the person to your right stops or your finish your vessel. This game is great. I once witnessed a flatmate power chucking in the middle of the lounge while playing this game. Good times.

Toilet card: Because you are of course playing this game under at least some international drinking rules, you will of course be playing that you can never leave the circle. What?.. you need to go to the toilet really, really badly? Tell someone who cares. The only time you can go to the toilet is if you get a toilet card. If you happen to have a toilet card and don’t want to use it you’re of course allowed to “auction” it off to people at a price/dare you decide.

Rule card: This is my personal favourite. If you get a rule card you get to make up any rule you like. Silly, or deadly, it’s up to you. Some rules I have seen over the years.

Every time someone swears they have to drink.
You can’t touch your face or you have to drink.
Every time a boy drinks all the girls have to drink too.
Etc, etc. you get the idea. The skies the limit!

Question master: This is another great card. Any time the question master (who remains it until the next “Q” is drawn) asks someone a question and that person answers they must drink. If the question master asks you a question you have one thing you are allowed to reply with, “Fuck Off!” Question master can be a load of fun trying to be really subtle about your questions. Everyone else beware.

Kings: If you draw a king (except the 4th) you can put as much of your drink in the middle vessel as you like. Half fill it, only a shot, it’s up to you. The person who draws the 4th king must skull the vessel, so if it has only been half filled then shame on the three previous kings for being pussies. Things get really interesting when the mix is half a glass of red wine, a quarter of beam and coke, and a quarter beer. Definitely not nice I can tell you.

The game ends upon the 4th king being drawn and the vessel being skulled. Play again, head off to karaoke, or coma out, it’s up to you what happens next. I just hope you enjoyed your time drinking like a Kiwi! Baa-baa.