Happy days again back in Saga. The hot maths teacher just smiled at me. My day is complete.

One thing that lends itself to my endless amusement in Japan is music, to be precise, the lyrically-lurid hip-hop music they blare over the speakers in various shops around town. Being of a softly-spoken and delicate nature and I can only say I was shocked to hear such explicitness, especially in front of children and their coffin-dodging grandparents. Surely that must go against some corporate image thing?? Especially when the bored staff are starting to sing along. They must know!!?

Similarly, I went to my first Japanese hip-hop dance class recently. Try exercising without a smile on your face as a dozen Japanese women in the saggy-arsed sweat pants (one of who has a t-shirt saying "I scored last night") break a sweat over "Put it in your mouth (the-not-edited-for-radio version)" and "my neck, my back" without a hint of lyrical comprehension. In a club, maybe, but here??

On another note, you have not lived until you have done an aerobic dance class to Disney techno music - hereon referred to as diztech. First, the melody comes, then the bass, you're feeling that pumping sound, then the vocals WTF?? "A whole new world??". 40 minutes were spent cruising through the 'hits' of such films as Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast and The Little Mermaid. Has anyone else expereienced diztech? Was I just unfortunate or is it on the up??

Only in Japan