so it's the last day of my tenure at the saga blog. I'd like to hope that I made some people smile. I'd even like to think someone reads this thang. Hard to tell. But now I have to think of something super profound to leave you with.
Yeah right.

This morning I was woken up by an elderly man's voice. "Ohayoo gozaimasu." I sat up with a start, as this was about as chilling as hearing "gutentag" when I was 14 and playing the last level of castlewolfenstein. In other words, I woke thinking someone was in my house, with a weapon of some sort, come to kill the gaijin.
It was a guy from the board of education, he had mentioned wanting to wack my weeds a couple weeks earlier and despite my protests, had finally come to down to do the sorrid deed.
I did not want my weeds walked for a few reasons: 1)I like the flowers that live among the weeds, 2)I didn't want an old man straining himself on my behalf, 3)I wanted to sleep in instead of listening to weedwacking, and 4)Now I gotta do something nice back, and I have no idea what that should be. I suck at gift giving.

In fact, I suck all-around at the kindness game here in Japan. I never know how much I should insist on paying my share or whatever, cause each time I try I get shot down or ignored.
more will be added to this post if blogger will stop messing up...