Drop it Like It's Wasabi

Hello Saga,

Unlike some of you loyal readers out there, I am not able to while away my work hours on the computer, since I'm spending my time productively doing things like cutting out drawings of buildings and gluing them onto cardstock for use in a "directions to wherever" game. That and they don't give me an ethernet hook-up at the office. So each evening I set aside some of the valuable time I normally devote to other hobbies, such as my developing obsession for editing Wikipedia articles (if any of you happen to know of any reputable English-language sources that I could use to expand information on Saga or Karatsu, feel free to forward them my way, as I will seriously use them), to share a little of my life with you. Actually, I was planning on blowing off blogging tonight and christening my new oven with a batch of snickerdoodle cookies, but then I found out I forgot to buy baking soda and cream of tartar at CostCo this past weekend. Not suprisingly, my neighborhood grocery store carries nothing of the sort, Japan not being big on the baking, so that plan is out for the moment.

In lieu of more rambling, I will offer some photos from my past month or two here.

My apartment

Neighborhood Rice Field

Sunset at the Hamatama Beach Party

Bus Stop Buddha

Sports Day

Capeside Hotel Ruins

Mt. Aso

Karatsu Castle - Since 1968

Best Engrish Yet

You can see the rest on my flickr site if you are so interested.

Jya see you!