Night of the Living Ichinensei

The time: two minutes to the start of second period. The setting: the halls of Onizukachuugakko.

JTE: Colin, we have class together with the first year's second class now..
Me: Right, right.. what will we teach today?
JTE: Mmm, I'm sorry, (awkward head turn -- you know the one I'm talking about) I may be a little late (head turn), I need you to go ahead and do something with them.
Me: Uhh..
JTE: We will be teaching the Hamburger Shop later, but you don't need to teach it..
Me: Uhh..
JTE: Just talk about anything, I'm sorry, I will come later, maybe.. twenty minutes.
Me: Um?
JTE: Ok? I'm sorry. Anything is ok!
Runs off.

Me: Silent scream.

Then I woke up.

Addendum - I did not actually wake up.