Things that have made me happy today:

1. Discovering a new onigiri filling which I actually like. A 7-11 one as it happens with some beefy-saucy-goodness hidden away in a moist ball of rice - oishii!

2. My next door neighbour apologising for not giving me a ride to school the other day (literally next apartment and literally same school). It has stopped me moaning to anyone who'll listen about the injustices of a hierarchial society. Looking back, he probably wasnt going straight there or stright home.

3. My pink sparkly indoor shoes. They make me happy in my heart everytime I look down.

4. Smiling at the lovely maths teacher who speaks no English but with whom, somehow, I feel I could communicate.

5. Texting Marianne all day.

Things that have made me sad today:

1. The squat toilets. Pissed on aforementioned pink sparkly shoes AGAIN despite taking up a precision position!

2. Someone has drunk all the Pocari Sweat out the fridge at school so I was forced to hunt for something else to quench my thirst. Found some indesriminate yellowy-brown liquid in a labeless bottle. Couldn't put my finger on exactly what it was but after a quick sniff decided against drinking it. Wonder what the kanji for urine is?

3. The maths teacher is married.